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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wayang kulit purwa in solo city

Shadow puppets prototype in solo

Puppet show

Shadow puppets prototype is a traditional art in Java, a picture of humanity, which is made from animal skins (prototype) played by a person who called Mastermind. This puppet show usually requires a screen (color), coupled with gending / gamelan rhythms, tinged dialogue (antawacana), presents the play and pitutur / instructions in the philosophy of human life. Then the audience from behind the scenes to see the shadow of the puppet, so called wayang (shadow).
This puppet art was inspired from the story of the Mahabharata and Ramayana, originated in India. But there are also leather puppet prototype with a quotation from the story in Buddhism, as the story relates to the ceremony Ruwatan (sanctification of human beings). Leather puppet prototype usually takes overnight.
Wayang story on the island of Java and Bali has been recognized by UNESCO on November 7, 2003, as the work of an amazing culture in the field of narrative story and legacy are very valuable (Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity).

History of puppetry

Puppet prototype has been played a few hundred years ago, which functions as a puppet arise ancestor spirit worship ceremony. So a special ceremony in his memory of the ancestors. At that time puppet forms are very simple but the emphasis is not the form of wayang shadow puppet.
Puppet developments in Java

The times are changing, the development of wayang in Java also undergone many changes, from the shape wayang began to change, for example, the form of puppet eyes like the eyes of the human form. Developments puppets began to change rapidly in the era of the trustees, including Sunan Kalijaga,  Sunan Bonang and others joined the puppet shape change so that it becomes more beautiful shape, even the story began to change little by little.

Emigration from Kartasura Kasunanan palace to the village of Solo (Surakarta) also brought progress in the art of puppetry.
Step improvement in the time of Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma, age Pajang kingdom, thekingdom of Surakarta, a lot of time perfecting Pakubuwono puppet forms that create shape now as it is today.
Even in this modern day form of wayang already diverse, with a variety of stories created by puppeteer or puppet players.
Shape variation of the puppet into a variety including a puppet Marionette Puppet dolls made of wood.
Artists from China who were also sometimes staged Solo Chinese puppet show called Wayang Potehi. With stories from China as well as the typical chinese musical accompaniment.
Wayang Klitik puppets are kind of a character made of wood, the story is taken from the end of the Majapahit Chronicle (Dhamarwulan story).
Used sometimes "Wong Solo" utilizing his free time making puppets out of grass, called Wayang Rumput.
Wayang Beber shape is a sheet of fabric painted and typically ranges story about Kediri Palace, Ngurawan, Singasari (Panji story).
Puppet prototype is part of some sort that exists, including gedog puppets, puppets middle, revelation puppet, puppet wahono, stunning puppets, Puppet torches, Papak puppets and much more.

The meaning for the Javanese wayang

To date, the Java has a variety of traditional art that can touch the hearts of people, including the art of puppetry. Puppet for Java is symbolic of everyday life and the Javanese worldview about life. Besides puppet is also a tool of communication / social relationships Java community.
Especially shadow puppet prototype often associated with traditional ceremonies, including marriage procession, congratulations birth of a baby, moving house, circumcision, and usually presented in the stories that make sense of the procession is a celebration, such as the celebration of the marriage usually takes the story "Parto Krama "(marriage Arjuna), a celebration of the birth of showing Abhimanyu birth stories and much more.
In essence the art of puppetry contains concepts that can be used as guidelines lives in attitudes and actions in this world. In the puppet as if Java is not just dealing with general theories about human beings, but human behavior is described concretely
The concept is structured to be an implicit cultural values ​​and depicted in puppet story line, both in the nature of life, the origin and purpose of life, the human relationship with God, man's relationship with other human beings.

Components in leather puppet prototype

In the leather puppet prototype, there are several components to support the incomplete dominant puppet, among others:

  • Dalang (who plays shadow puppet)
  • Puppet
  • Gamelan (set of musical instruments used to accompany shadow puppet performance). Usually there are two grip gamelan, the slendro and slendro.
  • Gamelan Gong consists of, Kendang, Xylophone, flute, fiddle, Sharon and many others.
  • Niyaga  (people who play gamelan / music). The musicians are usually dressed in traditional Javanese.
  • Sinden (the singer who sang the song or the piece-the piece of Java on a leather puppet).
  • Fabric (white cloth that is used as a display in a puppet show prototype).
  • Light (as light puppet show).

These are some of the components for the creation of leather puppet prototype.

Puppet show

If you are vacationing in Java, Indonesia, take some time to see puppet show prototype, usually played in an art gallery Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI). Ordinary puppet show begins at 8 pm until the wee hours (at 4 am). I am sure you will be blown away, many tourists or students from other countries learn to play the puppet, singing the song to a puppet show and much more from the lessons related to puppet culture in the city of Solo.
Title: Wayang kulit purwa in solo city; Written by Indria Kurniasari; Rating: 5 dari 5

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